What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Amalgam Fillings

factsamalgamfillings 300x225 What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Amalgam Fillings

Dental fillings are something that a vast majority of people is going to get at one point in their lives. However, what people need to know is that there are lots of different options for dental fillings. To avoid making any mistakes, people need to know more about Amalgam fillings, which are being used on a regular basis. This information will help people become aware about how amalgam fillings could work for them and how such fillings could affect their health.


Amalgam is actually a compound that is commonly used in dental applications. The chemicals that are used to make the Amalgam are made up of 50% mercury, which is dangerous. However, the other chemicals used to make the compound are 22% to 32% silver, 14% tin, and 8% copper.

So people need to take this into consideration because the mercury can be poisonous to them if not prepared properly. The good news is that the Amalgam has been used for several years now in dental applications and has been proven to be safe.

History of Use

Amalgam actually has a long history of being used and it is going to be something that is interesting. The history of Amalgam actually dates back to Ancient China. The Chinese started using a bit of Amalgam during the Tang Dynasty, which dates back to the 618 AD period, but it was not as well refined as what people are exposed to now.

For the Western world, the use of Amalgam was not introduced until 1528 when Germany started to produce some of the compounds. When people started to see this, they were able to get the relief from the dental pain they were experiencing and were able to get to eat and enjoy their food the way they used to. However, the use of Amalgam did not become a common practice until after the 1830’s.

Is the Mercury in Amalgam Harmful?

As was already mentioned, Amalgam has Mercury in it, but this is a more refined form of Mercury that is not going to harm or damage the body. In fact, the reason for the presence of silver, tin, and copper is that these chemicals are going to keep the mercury bonded to them. So this means people will not have any of the mercury leaking into their mouth at all.

People may be hard to convince that the use of Amalgam is safe. What they need to realize is that Amalgam, up until now, is a highly recommended treatment and it is going to work not only at keeping their teeth looking great, but also in preventing further dental damage.

If you still have any hesitation about amalgam fillings, you may contact the professionals at Perfect Teeth Cairns (perfectteethcairns.com.au). By talking to dental experts, you will be able to get the answers that you need with regard to amalgam fillings and other dental concerns.

Dental problems can happen to anyone at any time, no matter what type of social or economic status people have. If you are feeling uneasy because of a dental issue, you can go to Perfect Teeth Cairns to have your teeth checked. You will then find out if you need to have a filling to relieve the nasty pain that you’re experiencing.

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