Three tips to make that first tooth fairy visit special

It is a magical experience that we fondly remember as we age, that first visit from the tooth fairy…

childrens dentist cairns Three tips to make that first tooth fairy visit specialLosing that first tooth is an exciting time for your child, and now you can make their experience even more special with the help of these simple hints brought to you by Perfect Teeth! It’s about thinking outside the box so this can be a magical experience not just for your child, but for you too.

To kids it is not all about the one dollar coin left under the pillow – it is the ambience of the tooth fairy’s magic that makes it so delightful. Read on to discover three ways you could enhance the mystery and individuality of the tooth fairy.

One – Make a tooth fairy ‘receipt’

It could be as easy as writing a note thanking the child for their tooth. Get creative – you could even use some glitter or special stickers to help make the moment more special. There are some that you can purchase from specialty stores or even online that could truly add that exceptional touch to your child’s first tooth.

Two – Create a tooth fairy pillow…

A tooth fairy pillow will not only help to create that magical atmosphere around the loss of your child’s tooth, it will also make it easier for you to sneak in and collect it – unless they fall asleep with their arms around it! If you’re a creative and sewing buff this could be a fun task to undertake with your child and can help them understand that losing baby teeth is normal.

Three – Sprinkle glitter on the windowsill…

Try to make a little glitter path on the windowsill, so your child can see and believe the tooth fairy has really visited them in their sleep.

At Perfect Teeth in Cairns we track the development of your child’s teeth…

We recommend bringing your child in to visit our dental practice as soon as their first tooth develops or by the child’s first birthday, whichever comes first. This way we can keep track of the progression of your child’s jaws and teeth, and spot any dental issues early before they become severe.

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