A Closer Look at Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdomtoothextraction 300x200 A Closer Look at Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to arrive in the mouth but the problem is that most people don’t have the space for them, which often means they cause a lot of problems and can be very painful. For many patients getting their wisdom teeth means extractions. Here are the reasons why and when this happens and the treatment options available.


Firstly if there is an issues with your wisdom teeth, then an evaluation with a dentist has to take place before anything else is decided. An X-ray is taken of their mouth and the dentist will explain the next step, which is usually surgery to extract the tooth.

Surgery Day

Surgery day is something patients often dread, but with this type of surgery it is generally very easy to do and is completed in the clinic of the dentist.

The only time patient have to go to the hospital for this type of surgery is if they are at a high risk of complications or if they have some problem such as the roots of the wisdom teeth being wrapped.

Typically for surgery day, patient will have their mouth numbed and possibly be put under with a light anesthetic. This is a good thing because it generally means they will not feel any pain when the teeth are being extracted.

During the procedure patient will have their mouth opened up, typically by a spring so the dentist can work. When the mouth is open, this can lead to patient having a hard time swallowing, so the dentist will typically have some type of suction available so patient don’t choke.

During the surgery the patient may feel some pressure and hear some noises, but that is all from the teeth coming out.

After The Surgery

When the patient is recovering from the surgery they will often feel bad. However, this is only short term and the only reason they feel bad is because of the pain in their mouth. The dentist or surgeon can help with any necessary pain relief to ensure they recover quickly.

Pain medication is one of the first aspects people will have at their disposal. When people have this medication at their disposal, they will want to take the medication each day as prescribed.

Antibiotics is another medication that may be prescribed. When the patient has this type of medication, they need to make sure they take it as prescribed. This way, they will not get any infection. However, people also will find this medication can help in the healing process by reducing the amount of bacteria that the body has to fight.

By knowing more about the process, it is rather easy for people to know just how the extraction happens and how they can care for themselves after the extraction is complete. Any issues can be discussed with a dentist first, the more the patient knows, the less they have to fear.


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