What is Endodontics and Who Needs it?

shutterstock 125939228 1024x682 What is Endodontics and Who Needs it?Toothaches can be painful and very uncomfortable. While there are many causes of toothaches, a major cause could be damage to the pulp or decay. When healthy, the pulp often contains living cells, blood supply, active nerves and living fibres. When it becomes injured or decays, the pulp becomes inflamed and could die.

If this happens it could result in sepsis, abscess and excruciating pain. And to get some relief and get better, patients are generally advised to undergo root canal procedures to help relieve the toothache, possibly remove the tooth or excavate and fill the tooth with tooth fillings. This root canal procedure or treatment is what is referred to as endodontics and is often carried out by licensed endodontists.

Benefits of Endodontics

Pain Relief

Usually, once you eliminate the root cause of any pain or ailment, the symptoms generally ease off or go away completely. This is the case here too. Root canal problems can cause tremendous pain if you don’t do anything about it on time. In endodontics, the emphasis is on getting you well and healthy with as little pain as possible. If your tooth has been aching and there’s really no need to pull it out, a root canal procedure will provide the necessary relief.

Reduced Chances of Infection Spreading

A decaying tooth or one with an infected pulp has the potential to spread infection to other teeth and then to the body. A root canal procedure will often include cleaning out the pulp and stopping the spread of infection to other parts of the mouth. With the right root filling, you will live pain free for a long time.

Root Fillings Can Last Long

Root fillings are important if you don’t want to pull out your tooth. No matter how much you clean out the infected or decaying tooth, if you don’t do a root filling procedure, you will eventually have to lose the tooth. However with endodontics, you can easily fill the tooth and never have to worry about the tooth anymore. A good endodontic procedure can make your root filings last or years without the need for any subsequent treatment.

Should You Be Afraid?

When most people visit their dentists and get the diagnosis that they’ll need a root canal procedure, many of them freak out because they feel the pain will be excruciating after the procedure. This is not true at all. You see, most endodontists understand that the procedures whether surgical or non-surgical can be terrifying. So, they will often do their very best to calm you, ease your pain, and get you the necessary relief that you crave. So, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Once you have undergone the procedure, you’ll find that you’ll start feeling better within a very short while.

The average endodontics procedure might require 2-4 visits to the dentist. Don’t worry, just complete it and you’ll be fine.

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