Wisdom Teeth Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

Wisdom teeth are an evolutionary relic that 70% of people are still suffering from

Wisdom Teeth Soon to be a Thing of the Past Wisdom Teeth Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

It turns out humans went from hunter-gatherer to modern processed foods a little too quickly for evolution. Although an estimated 30% of the world’s population won’t ever develop wisdom teeth, the other 70% has to deal with the awkward and painful experience of their wisdom teeth erupting.

There are of course people whose teeth and jaw actually allow wisdom teeth to come through without any hassle: but this is rare and not exactly an indication that the wisdom teeth shouldn’t be removed. If you are unsure, please talk to a Perfect Teeth dentist. Our expert and friendly team are here to help you with your oral health needs.

Do you know why they’re called wisdom teeth?

It has to do with the age range when wisdom teeth come through. When a person reached the late teens early twenties (17-25), they stop being a child and become an adult: in theory a person becomes wiser around this age. This is also the same time that wisdom teeth erupt.

Wisdom teeth and the modern jaw…

For most people, the modern jaw has no room for wisdom teeth. They’re an out-dated and unnecessary biological throwback to hunter-gatherer days. See when humans were hunter-gatherers wisdom teeth were useful for the diet: things like tearing meat apart as well as grains.
You see, the jaw had to change because our brains got bigger and our diet changed. But our teeth have not caught up. Some scientists estimate it could be—at the very least—thousands of years before evolution catches up and no one has wisdom teeth anymore.

That’s a long time. Who knows what society will look like that far in the future. Or, for that matter, what humans will be eating then.

Dealing with the Problem Now…

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth are a problem now, and the problem with wisdom teeth in the modern jaw is that when they try to erupt they can lead to problems such as:

  • Cysts
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth erosion
  • Infection

At Perfect Teeth in Cairns we recommend removing Wisdom Teeth early, it may save you a lot of pain…

At Perfect Teeth we recommend removing wisdom teeth between the ages of 16 and 20. This is usually before the roots are fully formed which allows us to remove the wisdom teeth with ease, minimal post-surgery pain and downtime.

The alternative to early intervention is to wait until they’ve started to erupt. Or until they have already erupted. If this is the case wisdom teeth will be more difficult to remove and the recovery time could be slower and more painful.

For more information on our wisdom tooth removal, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Cairns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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