Teeth Whitening Myths – The Little White Lies Spreading About Teeth Whiteners

teeth whitening Teeth Whitening Myths   The Little White Lies Spreading About Teeth Whiteners

It’s time to set the record straight about teeth whitening treatments to avoid myths about what teeth whitening does to your mouth.

The worry and wonder surrounding cosmetic dentistry and more specifically teeth whitening, continues to grow, that’s why here at Perfect Teeth in Redlynch and North Cairns we want to set the record straight when it comes to whitening your teeth.

Myth #1 – I can get oral cancer form teeth whitening products

It is a common misconception that teeth whitening treatments cause oral cancer. Professional treatments from a practicing dentist take the health of your teeth as a key priority when considering the solutions used to whiten teeth. Many professional teeth whitening treatments use small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to ‘whiten’ the teeth. Legally, these amounts do not exceed the limit of 35% and studies show that these natural chemicals do not indirectly cause cancer.

Myth #2 –It Doesn’t matter what product I use they are all the same

Some at home teeth whitening kits and gels have been known to cause sensitivity, enamel erosion and gum irritation. This is why using store bought teeth whiteners can sometimes be dangerous; at Perfect Teeth we have professionals assisting you with the best treatment for your teeth. Our expert dentists will find the source of your tooth discolouration and deliver the proper tooth whitening treatment to respond to your discolouration and safely whiten your teeth.

Myth #3 – Teeth whitening products will cause damage to my nerves

This misconception that teeth whitening products will cause damage to your teeth is false! There are regulations and protocols put into place for professional teeth whitening to ensure that the amount of chemicals used in teeth whitening cause no damage to the nerves.

Myth #4 – Teeth whitening treatments are time consuming

At Perfect Teeth we know everyone is busy so to make it easy and less time consuming we also provide an at-home tooth whitening treatment which also allows you to be in full control of how bright your smile is or in-chair teeth whitening kits that can take as little as an hour to see results.

Myth #5 – If I have crown, veneers, or caps won’t my teeth whiten to a different shade of white

Most crowns, veneers and dentures are stain resistant and will not need a tooth whitening treatment. Many people will get the tooth whitening treatments before they get cosmetic or restorative treatment so the tooth can be colour matched. However if your natural teeth are looking discoloured Go Dental can assess your teeth and work to whiten your natural teeth to the allow them to blend with your caps and crowns.

Is a teeth whitening treatment right for me?

Teeth whitening are a perfect option for anyone dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. Discoloured teeth are often distressing to your self-esteem, here at Perfect Teeth we work with our patients to ensure we can come up with realistic goal and achieve the smile you want.

Prevention will help sustain your smile

The cause for discolouration is an effect of many variables however we encourage patients to make smart lifestyle choices by limiting the consumption of teeth staining drink and food. Teas, coffees and red wines are just some of the dietary changes we discuss with our patients to ensure nothing gets in the way of maintaining that perfect smile.

Here at Perfect Teeth in Redlynch and North Cairns we want to help you achieve a natural looking smile, this is why we encourage patients to seek our professional advice when it comes to using teeth whitening products. With our help we can brighten and refresh your look with our fast and effective teeth whitening treatment.

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