Poor oral health can incur a variety of health problems for the digestive and respiratory system.

Untitled Poor oral health can incur a variety of health problems for the digestive and respiratory system.

At Perfect Teeth we believe that a holistic approach to dentistry can benefit not only your teeth but your entire bodily health…

Not many people realise how intricately related your teeth are in determining the health of the rest of your body. The connection might seem a little hazy at first but if you consider how the body survives day after day you’ll come to realise that our dental health comes hand in hand with breathing and eating and drinking. Our ability to eat and breath in order to survive would not be possible without a clean bit of oral health. At Perfect Teeth we have two practices, one in North Cairns and one in Red Lynch and at both practices we find that many of our patients that are experiencing oral health are often experiencing respiratory and digestive health problems also. If we consider the two functions of the body we can clearly see how abnormalities in the teeth, poor oral health and dental complications can cause further problems for the digestive and respiratory systems that both require the use of the mouth in some way or another.

The digestive system allows the body to gain nutrients from food and drink…

In the event of weakened teeth and poor oral health we find that many patients begin to experience oral health problems. This is due to the fact that the teeth are the gateway to the digestive system and are in fact the starting line to the digestive process. When food and drink begin the digestion process, the food starts off in the mouth and is chewed into a digestible paste for the body to digest with ease. Patients who experience poor oral health such as severe plaque build up can experience problems because the food being digested will contain plaque substance. Crooked, weak and sensitive teeth can also cause digestive problems such as digestion because the teeth are unable to work at full capacity and in turn the patient will find it difficult to chew their food. This can cause the patient to swallow their food and drink prematurely; this means that the body will have to work harder to ensure that the food is broken down in the stomach before pushing the food into the intestines. Indigestion, gas, irritable bowls and stomach aches can occur when your digestive process is breaking down complex food such as proteins (meat), wheat, fats and breads that have not first been properly chewed. Pain and irritation caused from prolonged chewing should be notified by one of our Perfect Smiles dentists so we can determine the underlying dental problems.

The respiratory system can cause problems to the health and development of your teeth…

Our ability to breathe determines our development, health and survival; that is why we have two ways in which to draw and exhale air into the body:

  • Oral passageway
  • Nasal passageway

The nasal passageway is the main means of drawing air into the body in a controlled and balanced way that allows the lungs to safely intake air. The oral passageway is the second way to circulate air (if we were to become sick and our nasal passages became blocked) we would be unable to breathe. Many patients who predominately breathe through their mouth’s as infants into adulthood can find that their oral development can be negatively affected. ‘Mouth breathers’ as they are commonly referred, can develop crooked teeth, can possibly be more prone to oral health problems and can find that they have difficulty with their respiratory system. When the body inhales air via the mouth, the air is filters through one large passageway (rather than two via the nose) and the intake of air can be quite harsh on the lungs.

At Perfect Teeth we can help your regain your bodily health with holistic dentistry…

The digestive and respiratory system are intricately linked with your dental health and at Perfect Teeth we are dedicated to helping our patients restore their smiles and their health. Our holistic approach to dentistry allows us to offer orthodontic treatments, preventive, cosmetic and restorative treatments to help patients make a change for the better.


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