Play it safe with a custom fitted mouth guard

December mouthguards Play it safe with a custom fitted mouth guard


Did you know dental injuries are the most common types of facial injuries accumulated during participation in contact sports? In fact, according to the youth sports foundation, more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities this year!

Is your child scoring tries on the footy field? Slam dunking on the basketball court, or kicking goals on the soccer field?

At Perfect Teeth in Cairns and Redlynch we want your children kicking goals, scoring tries and slam dunking their way to a healthy set of teeth. We care just as much about preventative dental care as we do about restorative dental treatments. We want to ensure our patients are looking after their teeth and mouth and following good oral care to ensure they have something to smile about.

A custom-fitted mouth guard can reduce the risk of dental injuries; however, unfortunately many athletes, sporting enthusiasts and active children choose not to wear mouthguards. Studies have shown that in football, if athletes are wearing a mouthguard that only .07% of all injuries are involved with teeth.

Here at Perfect Teeth we offer custom fitted mouth guards to protect teeth, lips, tongue and jaw from injury and potentially future dental treatments. Not only are dental injuries painful, can cause disfiguration, or result in time off work or school to recover, but they are also expensive to treat. In fact, studies have proven that the costs to restore missing teeth can be 20 times the preventative cost of a custom laminated, professional grade mouthguard.

Tell me more about custom fitted mouth guards…

A sports mouthguard is a removable rubber or polyvinyl shield worn over your teeth, most commonly the upper teeth, to protect the teeth and jaws from traumatic injury during sporting activities. A custom-fitted mouth guard will protect against potential dental injuries such as:

  • Cut lips
  • Cut gums
  • Cut cheeks
  • Cuts to the tongue or face
  • Chipped teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken jaw.

Custom fitted mouth guards are often considered one of the best protection methods for the teeth, lips and jaw due to their close fit, comfort and cushioning (shock absorption) effect.

Your mouth guard should be comfortable yet tight-fitting; allow normal breathing, speech and swallowing; should not cause gagging and will be thick enough to provide protection against impact.

What is the importance of a custom fitted mouth guard over a boil-and-bite mouth guard?

Boil and bite guards don’t fit as accurately as custom made mouth guards. Boil and bite guards are often too thin in critical areas where protection is needed and then too thick in others. More often the guard will need to be cut to actually fit your mouth. They are often not as comfortable and frequently interfere with breathing and speaking. Bulky guards that don’t fit well and don’t stay in place can cause distraction, and can lead to interrupted breathing and swallowing.

Who should wear a mouth guard?

Players of all ages involved in sports and activities where they are at risk of an injury to the face should protect their teeth with a properly fitted mouthguard. However some people’s dental structure puts them at a higher risk of dental injury over others, and should definitely be wearing a mouth guard during sports and activities. These ‘high risk’ dental structures include: e

  • Protrusive (‘buck’) front teeth
  • Inadequate lip coverage over the front teeth
  • Participation in sports or leisure activities that carry a high risk of collision or falls

Here at Perfect Teeth in Redlynch and North Cairn we want to help our patients keep their teeth for life.

For more information about how we can help protect your valuable teeth during contact sports please call us today on (07) 4039 4999 at our Red Lynch practice or (07) 4031 3555 at our North Cairns practice

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