What Causes Stained Teeth and How This can be Prevented

stained teeth 300x240 What Causes Stained Teeth and How This can be Prevented

Like it or not, stained teeth never look good. They can diminish your smile impact and even repulse people. In spite dental technologies and advancements, yellow, brown and stained teeth are still common nowadays.

Also, white pearly teeth in newspapers and magazines daily taunt people with stained teeth. No wonder most people would love to get rid of their stained teeth and have white pearly ones instead. But to do that, you should know what causes stained teeth or you might run around in circles.

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Causes of Toothache and Effective Treatment Options

shutterstock 183063389 300x232 Causes of Toothache and Effective Treatment Options

Toothache in or around a tooth or several teeth caused by different factors can lead to crippling pain. Among these factors are:

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Chipped Tooth and Ways to Treat This Problem

shutterstock 132952601 300x195 Chipped Tooth and Ways to Treat This Problem

One of the common problems among dental patients is enamel weakening which leads to chipped teeth. It’s uncomfortable, affects their bite and aesthetic issues as well (front teeth involved). This problem has to be rectified immediately before it worsens and becomes impossible to deal with. Let’s deeply look at what a chipped tooth is, how it’s caused, and how to effectively treat it.

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Causes of Cavities and How to Treat Them

shutterstock 163822553 300x210 Causes of Cavities and How to Treat Them

Going to a dentist is never pleasant, but it’s necessary to have healthy teeth. No matter how well we take care of them, they still develop cavities. We should know first what causes these cavities and then pinpoint the best way to treat them. Let’s look at some of their biggest causes and their solution.

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Root Canal Therapy – A Comprehensive Overview

shutterstock 195441047 1024x694 Root Canal Therapy – A Comprehensive Overview

Root canal therapy a.k.a. endodontic therapy is a treatment method used to treat the infected pulp of a tooth. It would help to eliminate the infected parts of the teeth. It also protects the decontaminated part of the teeth from future microbial invasions. Tooth infections are caused by leaky fillings and tooth decay. Damaged teeth due to trauma can also cause infections. Nowadays, with the breakthrough of technology, various dental treatments are created. One of these is the aforementioned root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is used in such cases to restore the health of the tooth. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what root canal therapy is all about.

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Accidents Happen, Keep an Emergency Dentistry on Speed Dial

shutterstock 92883577 1024x682 Accidents Happen, Keep an Emergency Dentistry on Speed Dial

Many of us have a regular dentist that we keep on hand for general dentistry needs. However, there are times when your family dentist is not available. This is troublesome especially for dental emergencies. For these times, you will need to seek out the assistance of an emergency dental care provider.

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What is Endodontics and Who Needs it?

shutterstock 125939228 1024x682 What is Endodontics and Who Needs it?Toothaches can be painful and very uncomfortable. While there are many causes of toothaches, a major cause could be damage to the pulp or decay. When healthy, the pulp often contains living cells, blood supply, active nerves and living fibres. When it becomes injured or decays, the pulp becomes inflamed and could die.

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What are Porcelain Veneers and Why Do You Need Them?

shutterstock 81120574 300x292 What are Porcelain Veneers and Why Do You Need Them?

Your teeth are sort of the doorway to your personality. No matter how pretty or handsome you are, if you have discoloured teeth or severe unsightly stains on your teeth, people will be repelled by you –even if you have excellent oral health. And if you’re an average looking individual with nice teeth, people will be attracted to you.

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8 Things You Should Consider in Choosing a Dentist

shutterstock 167867885 300x200 8 Things You Should Consider in Choosing a DentistIf the thought of visiting a dentist makes you nervous, then you are probably in the right company. Nevertheless, when it comes to your oral health, your dentist should be your partner and friend. Frequent dental treatments and check-ups by your oral healthcare provider can help keep your gums, mouth and teeth healthy, and keep infections and dental diseases at bay.

If not checked early and allowed to worsen, a wanting oral health condition might lead to other health risks including cardiovascular related ailments. So how do you find the right dentist that is ideal for you? Check out these eight useful tips.

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Signs that your child should visit the dentist

SIGNS THAT YOUR e14086818813641 Signs that your child should visit the dentist

Have your child’s little teeth come through?

Here at Perfect Teeth in Cairns, we recommend having your child come in for their first appointment around their first birthday or by the time they get their first tooth! This way we can track your child’s tooth development from the beginning.

Why so early?

Well as your child’s teeth grow and develop so too will their bite and tooth alignment. You may not know but baby teeth are not just for chewing and speaking purposes. Baby teeth act as space-holders so when the adult teeth break through, they take the place of the baby teeth.

What we can find out from your child’s teeth

There is a range of different conditions we can prevent and resolve by assessing your child’s smile at a young age.

By opting for early check-ups we can:

  • Assess early signs of teeth grinding habits
  • Track teeth alignment and jaw alignment
  • Provide engaging dental education
  • Follow tooth development
  • Detect decay and cavities

Did you know that tooth decay is the most chronic disease among children?

Tooth decay isn’t something that just happens to all children. When a child’s baby teeth become decayed and fall out early, the adult teeth no longer have their place-keeper to direct them. This can cause the teeth to develop misaligned and can lead to the need for costly orthodontic treatment down the track.

Other conditions a dentist can gauge from early check-ups

Does your child have any of the following difficulties?

  • Night grinding or habitual grinding

Pay attention next time your child throws a tantrum and see if they clench together their teeth. Habitual grinding could be brought on by anger or stress and if it is a night time habit, it can cause severe damage to the biting surface of your child’s smile.

Where strong pressure is added, the teeth can become traumatised around the root and may cause the teeth to come loose or fall out prematurely.

In cases where grinding is an obvious habit, it would be well advised to book in an appointment with one of our team members here at Perfect Teeth because habits such as these can evolve into lifelong problems if not recognised early.

  • Trouble with chewing or speaking

If you notice a meal times your child is having trouble chewing food properly, it could be due to a jaw malocclusion condition. This is where the upper and lower jaw is not lining up properly. Problems like these can also be the cause of speech difficulty and even the cause of headaches.

  • Mouth breathing habits

Mouth breathing can develop for a handful of different reasons.

Most commonly, mouth breathing is a reaction because of:

    • Allergies
    • Nasal congestion
    • Respiratory infection
    • Thumb sucking
    • Large tonsils

Where the body is unable to breathe through the nose, it defaults to mouth breathing which can alter the tongues functionality creating a tongue thrust. This kind of condition can affect your child’s ability to communicate, swallow, breath and chew.

  • Regular snoring

When you take a look at your little one sleeping, you might even find it cute hearing them gently snore. Unfortunately snoring can be an exceptionally dangerous condition for both children and adults.

Sleep apnoea is a condition where a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. This means that your child could actually have stopped breathing multiple times during sleep and may be suffering from oxygen deficiency to the brain.

It’s never too late to organise an appointment

The oral health of your family is important to our practice. Here at Perfect Teeth, we will work with you and your child to ensuring you have all the right advice and treatment information necessary to build a future for your child’s oral health.

Click here to book an appointment today with our team at our Redlynch or Cairns practice today.

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