Invest in a smile makeover from Perfect Teeth

A beautiful smile can help you in almost every aspect of your life, beginning with the appearance of your smile

Invest in a smile makeover from perfect teeth Invest in a smile makeover from Perfect Teeth

There are many benefits to a beautiful smile – it can make you more appealing aesthetically as well as enhance the way you hold yourself. According to recent studies smiling is said to physically change the chemical balance in your body, enhancing the way you feel and therefore enhancing the mentality of others around you. Smiles have even been found to lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system due to altered chemistry in the body. Despite all of these reasons, the main reason people go on a quest searching for a better smile is because it enhances the way they look and the way others see them when they first meet.

Perfect Teeth in Redlynch and North Cairns are experts in creating the perfect smile. We can help you design your smile so that you are proud to face the mirror in any situation!

Porcelain veneers are designed to completely transform the appearance of your smile

The fastest way to a beautiful smile is through the use of porcelain veneers which are thin porcelain coatings which are shaped around the teeth. These can both protect the enamel of your teeth as well as create a much more beautiful smile. This treatment is popular among celebrities who are often adored for their perfect pearly whites. There are three key components to a perfect celebrity smile:

  • Straightness
  • Whiteness
  • Shape

These three components can be completed with porcelain veneers as they fix small discrepancies in the straightness of your smile by concealing crooked teeth. They can also be colour matched to your teeth or created a whiter shade than your natural teeth in order to create the smile that you’ve always desired.

White teeth are the most coveted possession of anyone’s smile

If veneers are not an option for you, you can create white teeth by undergoing our in-house whitening treatment. This will leave your teeth much whiter and brighter than before, leaving you confident enough to smile in front of the camera, mirror and anyone you meet!

Crowns have both restorative and cosmetic properties

Crowns are a more sturdy version of porcelain veneers as they provide a much stronger casing for the tooth. They are bonded to your natural teeth by your dentist to prevent further damage from attacking or infecting your natural tooth. They can also be used to cover chips or cracks and strengthen your teeth.

We combine all of these elements with the power of our cosmetic dentistry

Here at Perfect Teeth in Redlynch and North Cairns we are passionate about all-encompassing smile makeovers which usually combine a number of these treatments. If you have a variety of concerns about your smile you can rest assured that Perfect Teeth will be able to conceal or fix them.

Book a smile makeover consultation today at Perfect Teeth by contacting us here.


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