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The 5 Common Oral Health Problems

Some of us are guilty of taking our oral health for granted, and we often only give importance to it when a problem occurs. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly are necessary in order to steer clear from oral problems. Did you know that when you don’t pay attention […]

What is Endodontics and Who Needs it?

Toothaches can be painful and very uncomfortable. While there are many causes of toothaches, a major cause could be damage to the pulp or decay. When healthy, the pulp often contains living cells, blood supply, active nerves and living fibres. When it becomes injured or decays, the pulp becomes inflamed and could die.

8 Things You Should Consider in Choosing a Dentist

If the thought of visiting a dentist makes you nervous, then you are probably in the right company. Nevertheless, when it comes to your oral health, your dentist should be your partner and friend. Frequent dental treatments and check-ups by your oral healthcare provider can help keep your gums, mouth and teeth healthy, and keep […]

The real truth about root canal therapy

What you have heard about root canal therapy may not true… Root canal therapy is commonly misconceived to be a painful dental treatment. Fortunately that is not true! At Perfect Teeth in Cairns root canal therapy should bring no more discomfort than that of a regular filling. Our team pride ourselves on being exceptionally gentle […]

How to treat an infected tooth

An infected tooth is primarily caused by severe tooth decay, trauma to the tooth, such as when it is broken or chipped, and gingivitis or in more serious cases, gum disease. At Perfect Teeth in Cairns we can safely and effectively protect your teeth with our aesthetically pleasing tooth coloured fillings…. If you are suffering […]

Tooth coloured fillings vs amalgam fillings

At Perfect Teeth in Cairns we place great emphasis on educating patients about everything dental, from simple brushing and flossing techniques to explaining complex dental procedures in an easily digestible language. In this article we explore amalgam fillings and tooth coloured fillings so that you can make more informed decisions about your dental health. Dental […]

The importance of wisdom teeth removal

Are you deciding whether to remove your wisdom teeth? Are you anxious about the process? At Perfect Teeth in Cairns, we want to help you learn all about the procedure, why it’s important to remove your wisdom teeth and to put you at ease about the entire process. What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth, also […]

Play it safe with a custom fitted mouth guard

  Did you know dental injuries are the most common types of facial injuries accumulated during participation in contact sports? In fact, according to the youth sports foundation, more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities this year! Is your child scoring tries on the footy field? Slam dunking on the […]

Poor oral health can incur a variety of health problems for the digestive and respiratory system.

At Perfect Teeth we believe that a holistic approach to dentistry can benefit not only your teeth but your entire bodily health… Not many people realise how intricately related your teeth are in determining the health of the rest of your body. The connection might seem a little hazy at first but if you consider […]

Perfect Teeth delves beneath the surface of your smile

Orthodontics is not just a cosmetic treatment, it assists in improving the smile and function of your mouth… Orthodontics is an in-depth treatment. Although the obvious result is cosmetic as the first thing that people will notice is your new straight smile, this corrective treatment reaches beyond simply the look of your teeth. Orthodontics such […]

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