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A Guide to Caring For Children’s Teeth

Did you know that almost all of an infant’s primary teeth are already formed by the time they are born? The primary teeth are also known as baby teeth. These typically begin forming in the baby’s mouth between the second and third trimester of pregnancy. By the time the baby is born, most of the […]

Signs that your child should visit the dentist

Have your child’s little teeth come through? Here at Perfect Teeth in Cairns, we recommend having your child come in for their first appointment around their first birthday or by the time they get their first tooth! This way we can track your child’s tooth development from the beginning. Why so early? Well as your […]

Invest in a smile makeover from Perfect Teeth

A beautiful smile can help you in almost every aspect of your life, beginning with the appearance of your smile There are many benefits to a beautiful smile – it can make you more appealing aesthetically as well as enhance the way you hold yourself. According to recent studies smiling is said to physically change […]

Three tips to make that first tooth fairy visit special

It is a magical experience that we fondly remember as we age, that first visit from the tooth fairy… Losing that first tooth is an exciting time for your child, and now you can make their experience even more special with the help of these simple hints brought to you by Perfect Teeth! It’s about […]

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