Accidents Happen, Keep an Emergency Dentistry on Speed Dial

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Many of us have a regular dentist that we keep on hand for general dentistry needs. However, there are times when your family dentist is not available. This is troublesome especially for dental emergencies. For these times, you will need to seek out the assistance of an emergency dental care provider.

Every family will be faced with a situation where there is a dental emergency. At times, your regular dentist is not open to handle this. Therefore, you need an emergency assistance of a dentist. An emergency dentist is designed to deal with dental surgery in a way a regular dentist won’t. These dentists are not readily available for teeth whitening or brace fittings. There are typically no appointments and their offices do not close at five o’clock. They are readily available to help patients who are in dire need of surgery. And those who are looking for immediate relief from excruciating pain.

When to Call an Emergency Dentistry Service?

Many individuals are unsure if the pain they are feeling warrants a visit to an emergency dental clinic. It is safe to assume that we all have different levels of pain tolerance. So, you are going to be the best judge of it. Generally, if what you are feeling is a minor toothache, there is no need to seek out immediate treatment. It is perhaps just the sensation of what you have eaten or another minor health issue. If that minor pain persists over an extended period of time, you may want to call on your regular dental provider. Many times, when we are faced with a nagging pain in our teeth it will only get worse without the proper care.

While we understand how difficult and painful sensitive teeth are to the patient, you typically do not need an emergency care. However, if you have broken or lost a tooth, it is actually quite imperative to make an emergency appointment. This type of accident is painful and quite traumatic for the person. It is important to get to a dentist within twenty-four hours for care. The damage may be more significant and dangerous than you believe it to be.

The Damage of Broken Teeth

The thought of living a life with a broken smile is more devastating than you can imagine. However, the advancements in dental technology can salvage that smile before your next driver’s license picture! Emergency dentists have the ability to fix and repair broken teeth. This all depends on how quickly you get to the dentist and the amount of damage done to the teeth and gum. There are many times that a tooth can actually be reattached to the gum line before it has died. The ability to rebuild broken teeth is a bit more complex and other factors come into play. A patient’s tooth and socket will be assessed at the dental office to see what can be done. If the tooth has been out of the socket for more than an hour, the dentist will likely repair the gum lining. In that situation, dental implants and bridges will be discussed as a viable option to bring back your smile.

If you have suffered from gum disease or tooth decay in the past, reattachment may not even be an option for you. In this case your tooth will suffer the consequences from deterioration. If the tooth just has some superficial issues, such as chips and cracks, it can be repaired with bonding. In the case of severe problems such as rotting teeth, they are best to be extracted as soon as possible to limit the possibility of infection.

What to Do While You Wait

You should not have to wait too long to see an emergency dentist. But in the case of 24 hours or more, here are a few suggestions. If you are suffering from immense pain from a toothache, take the strongest pain killers available. While that pain may not go away on its own, do not try to solve the problem yourself. There are many people who end up in far worse situations because they attempted to be their own dentist.

Once you have lost or broken a tooth, do whatever you can to keep all of the pieces together. In fact, you can place them in a cup of milk until you are able to see a dental professional. The milk will keep the tooth alive until it may have the chance to be reattached. If there are pieces of your tooth still in the socket, do your best to keep them there. Try not to pull and tug at them. They serve as the best base for reassembling your tooth. If you have the nerve and the pain tolerance, try to place the tooth back into the empty socket by yourself. If you do this gently, it will help to encourage the growth of new tissue. However, it can be quite painful to do and impossible without the aid of some type of pain relief.

If you are lucky, you will be seeing an emergency dentist within hours. At this point, you will be faced with the task of getting to the physical location. First, if at all possible do not drive to the dental office. Ask a friend, a neighbor or even call a taxi. Under the strain of the pain, it’s not advisable to be behind the wheel of a car. Some patients while on the road will experience heavy bleeding. If this should occur, do not panic. Instead, place heavy gauze onto the area. As you drive, just keep biting down on the gauze, do change when necessary. This way, the bleeding should slow down if not stop. Do not be too concerned as this is a common occurrence after the loss of a tooth. Of course, there is going to be the pain to deal with. Before leaving to visit the emergency dentist, call and ask if some ibuprofen would be allowed.

No one wants to deal with a broken or lost tooth. However, in your time of need, you are going to be grateful that there are emergency dental services in your area. They will be able to help alleviate your pain quickly and serve your needs in no time.

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