Chipped Tooth and Ways to Treat This Problem

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One of the common problems among dental patients is enamel weakening which leads to chipped teeth. It’s uncomfortable, affects their bite and aesthetic issues as well (front teeth involved). This problem has to be rectified immediately before it worsens and becomes impossible to deal with. Let’s deeply look at what a chipped tooth is, how it’s caused, and how to effectively treat it.

What is a Chipped Tooth?

A tooth with a chip is a visible enamel fracture where the tooth is cracked. From a range of angles, most cases involve where the tooth bites down. Contrast:

  • With major enamel fracturing, certain cases expose nerve endings underneath teeth.
  • Other cases have slight chips that can be repaired immediately by a dental professional.

Main Causes:

A. Injury

Most injury cases caused teeth trauma. Injury could be as simple as playing baseball where:

  • A ball hits teeth straight away.
  • Even a healthy tooth can crack.

This injury type can significantly damage a tooth’s surrounding areas because of the blow. Have your teeth x-rayed regardless of how severe your pain.

B. Decay

This results from:

  • A long term issue with oral hygiene.
  • Other bad dental habits people develop.

When a person does not take care of his teeth, these happen:

  • The enamel starts to weaken over time.
  • Teeth start to decay.
  • Then, the enamel is unable to sustain itself and chips away.

This tooth’s frail nature leads to greater problems and should be corrected right away by a professional.

C. Chewing Hard Objects/Food

This causes teeth trauma. At a wrong angle, munching on something as light as an apple might be hard for teeth. These happen:

  • Teeth become chipped.
  • They require immediate treatment.

Chew properly. Make sure what you’re chewing is not rock solid to preserve your teeth in the long run.

D. Poor Brushing Habits

Most dental issues involve poor brushing habits. These issues are related to a behavioral pattern developed when teeth are not regularly taken care of. Teeth visibly decayed will start to chip at signs of stress. Do the following:

  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Do it thoroughly.

E. Sugary Foods

You’re asking for trouble when you regularly eat sugary foods. Bacteria live in our mouths. Major teeth issues occur when they come in contact with sugary foods. These happen:

  • Most people develop cavities.
  • Others notice their teeth weaken and chip away eventually.

Avoid these foods at all costs or minimize how much is eaten.

Always Focus on Oral Health Routine

For aesthetic purposes, a chipped tooth requires professional assistance. To prevent further issues, have a good oral health routine. (i.e. brushing and flossing). Regardless of how often they visit their dentist, teeth problems will continue for those who never regularly:

  • Brush their teeth.
  • Floss them.

Doing the bare minimum is never enough if you forget to brush and floss thoroughly.

Seek Professional Help Right Away

With professional help, surgical procedure may be done in these conditions:

  • If your chipped tooth is more severe.
  • Underlying nerve damage is present.

Having the issue looked at immediately is key and reduces further damage to the area. This is the only way to go for short term relief and aesthetic reasons as well.

Always seek advice from a professional dental team who has:

  • Seen numerous related cases over the years.
  • Experience in regularly dealing with such issues.

With the help of our dental team at, results are promptly seen so you can take care of your teeth the right way. Stop seeking options which lead to worse results. Go with this dental clinic, the best in our nation.

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