Causes of Toothache and Effective Treatment Options

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Toothache in or around a tooth or several teeth caused by different factors can lead to crippling pain. Among these factors are:

  • Gum inflammation
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged tooth filling
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Infected gums
  • Tooth fracture
  • Even teeth grinding

Toothaches are sometimes sharp, dull, intermittent or persistent. To feel the pain in some instances, you have to press against the tooth or gum. Whatever the cause, it is important to see a dentist as soon as you have these:

  • Severe, persistent gum pains;
  • Pain when you open your mouth wide;
  • Migraines and fevers caused by mouth pains;
  • Consistent bad tasting fluids draining from your gum.

Toothache Treatment Options


While various treatment options for toothaches are available, a dentist needs to find out first what caused them. So, before conducting tests or carrying out treatment options, the dentist will do these:

  1. Require a copy of your medical history or at least, hear about your medical history.
  2. Ask about:
  •  Origins of the pain;
  • How long you’ve had it;
  • How severe it is;
  • Where it hurts exactly or the general area;
  • What worsened the pain.

All these background information are required to base tests and treatments.

  1. Then check these areas:
  • Gums mouth, teeth, tongue;
  • Throat, sinuses, neck, jaws and nose.

When necessary, a patient might be x-rayed to help the dentist spot abnormalities. More tests may be ordered to confirm or negate the doctor’s suspicions.

After these preliminaries, the dentist then proceeds to treatment largely depending on toothache causes.

Tooth Fillings

As decay can affect your overall health, the dentist  performs the following with a decaying tooth:

  • Removes it
  • Replaces with tooth fillings.

But when pain results from a broken or loose tooth filling, the dentist does these:

  • Cleans the decay
  • Replaces the filling.

Root Canal Treatment

Toothache from an infected pulp or nerve will need root canal treatment. To do this, the dentist would have to:

  • Remove the infected pulp;
  • Replace it with a harmless paste;
  • Apply a crown.

This ensures food particles never enter the tooth, decay and cause future infections.

After these procedures, the dentist prescribes a few antibiotics and pain relief meds to help you recover and fight secondary infections while you heal.

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