Boost your confidence by filling the gaps with dental implants

implants Boost your confidence by filling the gaps with dental implants

Suffering from tooth loss? You’re not alone.

Australians all over the nation have experienced tooth loss due to decay, trauma and a number of other issues. Losing teeth can make people feel self-conscious as it’s such a personal loss and can often be hard to mentally recover from. If you’re finding your missing tooth is causing these kinds of emotions, give us the chance here at Perfect Teeth to help nurture you and your oral health.

Tooth loss isn’t only linked to your self-image but it can cause devastating damage to your oral health if left untreated. Take some time out of your day today to understand the implications of tooth loss and how we here at Perfect Teeth located in Cairns, can help you recover your dazzling smile.

Dental Implants – the treatment

Replacing a single tooth and multiple teeth both follow a similar method:

Our dental professionals will prepare your mouth and then we will carefully insert the titanium screw-style tooth root replacement into the jaw-bone. This will likely take a while to heal before moving on to the next step (generally between three to six months).

Secondly, once the titanium rod is osseo-integrated (accepted as a biological root) one of our dentists will secure a natural-looking tooth coloured crown over the top: creating an aesthetically pleasing and full smile!

Where the patient requires more than one tooth replaced in a row, our professionals may suggest a fixed bridge or, where the tooth loss is extensive, a full arch implant restoration. These options allow the patient to not only have a full mouth of teeth, but also restore youth to their facial structure and appearance.

This style of tooth replacement has been in practice by dentists globally for many years and has a statistical success rate over a 10 year data gathering period of 98% – 99%.

Replacing your teeth – the sooner the better!

Leaving gaps in your smile may seem like a harmless thing for your body. Since the tooth isn’t in its place anymore, shouldn’t it just heal on its own accord?

If you chose to not replace missing teeth you could be putting your oral health in further risk!

The following are only some of the oral health problems and other detriments you may be subjecting yourself to:

  • Difficulty cleaning teeth – increasing the chance of further tooth loss
  • Higher risk of gum disease as the gum is left exposed to all manners of bacteria in the mouth
  • Loss of facial structure, prematurely aging the patient
  • Loss of jaw-bone density – the jaw bone exists to support teeth so if the jawbone is left unused it will deteriorate
  • The teeth to either side of the gap may shift and angle awkwardly

What cosmetic dental implants can do for your appearance

By using dental implants for restoring tooth loss, you’re able to provide a stable foundation to cease the degenerative process of the jawbone. This restores the facial structure giving you back your youthful grin and features.

You’ll probably even find that your dental implants help improve your speech and consumption – eliminating any awkward speech impediments that may have developed since the loss of a tooth.

 Your smile is a blessing to all around you, so take care of it! Boost your morale and oral health by booking in a dental implant consultation with our fantastic team of professionals here at Perfect Teeth in Cairns, because we care about the future of your oral health.

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